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RCMA has the experience, expertise and passion to turn your financial support into opportunities that change lives. We value our relationships with our donors. We are accountable to you and we work to ensure that every dollar you give is well spent. Ninety cents of every dollar goes directly to support children and their parents. When you make a donation, RCMA will ensure you know how your gift is changing lives.

RCMA receives about 86% of our revenue from federal and state government programs like School Readiness and Head Start.  While government funds secure the majority of our programs, there is an annual cost to provide enrichment services to our families. 

Donate online or mail checks to:

402 W. Main Street,
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 Planned giving

Planned giving allows donors to make meaningful gifts to RCMA and at the same time reap some benefits.

Consider naming RCMA as a beneficiary in your will, trust, or life insurance policy.  We are also able to accept gifts of stock, bonds, qualified charitible contributions from your IRA and other appreciated securities.  These are just some of the planned giving options.  There are several more.

  If you are interested in making a planned gift to RCMA, let us know and we will be happy to help. 

Special giving opportunities

We are happy to talk with you about funding a program or project that is of special interest to you. We can also help you make a tribute or memorial gift that honors someone in your life or offers a naming opportunity.

Your generosity supports the following programs and projects. 

For more detailed program descriptions, please contact Gloria Luna Moorman, Director of Development at 239-658-3560.

Fernando Rodriguez attended an RCMA center in Quincy, FL. He began working in Florida’s tomato fields at age 13. His father always encouraged him to do well in school. School was not easy, as the family followed the annual tomato harvest from Florida to Tennessee- he would find himself going to three different schools all within the year. While at Immokalee High School, Fernando volunteered at RCMA in Immokalee to earn service hours. Once in school, he was selected to receive a scholarship from RCMA’s Krome Educational Fund. In May 2018, he received a master’s degree in architecture from Florida International University. He made the Dean’s List for the last six semesters there. Fernando is firmly out of the fields. His plans include a master’s in arts in architecture, then a doctorate, then opening his own architectural firm.
Fernando’s story demonstrates how your support of RCMA is transformed into hope and success. Join us as we work to open doors to opportunities!

Local matching funds

General Operating Support is the backbone of RCMA’s programs statewide. This is how we pay salaries, purchase basic materials for our children and their parents, and keep our lights on and center doors open.  School Readiness and Head Start require that the local community contribute to the operating costs of RCMA.  School Readiness dollars require that we raise about $600,000 from the communities we serve.  We depend on foundations, community organizations and the contributions of individuals and corporations to secure these funds.  Your generosity is critical to our day-to-day operations. 

Family support immigration services

RCMA provides quality child care and education to the children of agricultural workers and other rural families living in poverty.  Because we are committed to our children’s success, when anything impacts our families, whether it’s a hurricane or immigration questions, we find ourselves compelled to help improve our children’s environment. Over 80% of our families are agricultural working families. The majority of those families migrate and are foreign born.   Our families are significantly impacted by immigration policy and enforcement and so RCMA has developed a family support immigration program. Because of RCMA’s longevity and the depth of services we provide, RCMA is uniquely positioned to help families get help with their immigration matters.  RCMA helps by connecting parents to good information, so that they are able to navigate the immigration system for themselves and their families.  Your support of our Family Support Immigration Service Program helps our families remain together and attain stability.

Child Development Centers enrichment (serving children 6 weeks to 5 years old)

Full day scholarships

A full day of quality care and education is great for children, their parents and their parents’ employers.  Many of our families are able to afford only a half-day of care – 8am-2pm.  Your support of our full-day scholarship program helps RCMA offer these families a full day of care.


Materials, toys, and equipment that help our children develop and learn while having fun

Nearly all RCMA children suffer developmental lags because of the effects of poverty and the volatility that comes with the life of the agricultural worker.  Compared to middle-class children, they have heard fewer words, held fewer toys, and shared fewer experiences that contribute to brain development.  As screen time at home increases for children of all ages and economic backgrounds, for RCMA’s children ages 0-5, it is especially problematic to their physical and cognitive development.  Interactive playtime at RCMA and at home is critical for school readiness and long-term success. Your generosity helps RCMA provide enriching interactive play experiences to all our students at child development centers and charter schools while preparing parents to continue interactive play at home.


Shade structures and playgrounds

There are countless benefits to spending time outdoors: good health, imaginative play and interaction are some examples.  Outdoor playtime is hard wired in RCMA’s curriculum, for at least two hours a day.  The Florida weather can make this valuable time a challenge.  Your generosity will help replace the shade structures and playgrounds that were damaged by Hurricane Irma. 


Family enrichment workshops

RCMA works closely with parents to identify development goals for themselves and their families.  Based on this feedback, RCMA staff at each center organizes a series of informational, leadership and skills development workshops.  Your support helps offset costs of these workshops including materials, food, transportation and extended child care to encourage parent participation.


Health screening equipment program

Our families’ ability to access health services is impeded by a general lack of resources, language barriers, little to no access to transportation, costs, etc. RCMA’s health screening program ensures that common childhood health problems are detected early among a population that may otherwise go without visits to the doctor. Identifying common health concerns early result in referrals to doctors, preventing complications that could affect children’s development and ability to achieve their full potential.  Your support helps offset costs related to screening equipment, health program materials and transportation. 



RCMA’s families live in rural Florida, where essential services are sparse and require a vehicle to access.  Our parents often do not have drivers’ licenses, and if they do, do not have a vehicle.  RCMA programs include accessibility.  Your generosity helps RCMA offset costs of making our programs and services accessible to our families living in rural Florida. 



Familiarity with technology is a critical part of school readiness.  When used appropriately, technology can support early childhood development goals. Your contributions will help RCMA develop its technology program that includes the cost of materials such as Hatch Computers in classrooms, training staff, teachers and parents around effective use of technology to meet development goals, and ongoing implementation and evaluation.


Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers and Teacher Retention Strategies

Your support helps RCMA recruit, train and retain top notch early childhood education Teachers.  Once recruited, RCMA offers our teachers training opportunities, encouraging them to pursue certifications and degrees.  

Charter Schools Enrichment (k-8th grade)

RCMA runs three charter schools, Immokalee Community School, a K-6 grade school in Immokalee, Wimauma Academy, a k-5 grade school in Wimauma, and Leadership Academy, and a 6-8 middle school also in Wimauma.  RCMA plans to open a charter school in Mulberry, FL and envisions additional charter schools in the communities already served by RCMA Early Childhood Development Centers. 


Your support is critical for enriching charter school education with programs focused on: technology and curriculum implementation, graduate support, sports and physical development, health and wellness, experiential learning opportunities that include the cost of annual field trips and after school enrichment programs that allow children to participate in activities such as robotics or yoga. 


All over the state of Florida, RCMA teachers are preparing their classrooms and kids are getting ready to learn! Because RCMA serves rural, low-income families, buying the school supplies that students need in order to succeed is not always possible. With your purchase of these items, the kids at our centers and schools will be able to reach their potential! Please note that all purchases cannot be designated for a particular location but will be sent to the RCMA center or school where the need is the greatest! We are so thankful for your generosity!
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Maintenance of Facilities

RCMA is responsible for the maintenance of more than 70 facilities throughout the state.  Private support makes maintenance of these facilities possible. 

Development of an Endowment

A healthy endowment will ensure that the most vulnerable children of Florida and their families will always have a safe place to receive care and quality education.  RCMA has an endowment fund established at the Community Foundation of Collier County.