In Head Start, the concept of shared governance applies to both grantees and delegate agencies.

Shared decision-making in planning is required in the Head Start Program Performance Standards. Shared decision making is an essential element in all Head Start programs and must be consistently practiced. Because shared decision making is the basis of Program Governance and requires ongoing work and commitment, it is important that all staff and parents, the governing body, and the Policy Council (policy group) understand its importance and function. RCMA has a Governing Board and a Head Start Policy Council and a Migrant Head Start Policy Council. The RCMA Governing Board consists of community members, former parents, officers of the policy councils and business professionals.

Mutual respect and open discussion are hallmarks of the Board meetings. The Board understands its role as having the legal and fiduciary responsibilities for the corporation and do not get involved in day to day operations, unless it is warranted, such as being a part of the employee grievance process. The Board’s oversight assures that RCMA’s philosophy, mission and organizational structure guarantees that the emotional climate of our centers is family friendly and child oriented.

2018 – 2020 Board of Directors list